Interior Design

We invite you to visit our showroom, or browse photos and completed projects to gain inspiration from beautiful vignettes and scores of furniture choices, fabric, wood samples, leathers and...the list goes on! Our design staff will walk with you through lighting, furnishing and decorating your home, making what could be an overwhelming experience a pleasurable one.

Furniture Design

Rarely does a gorgeous home happen by accident.  Even that style we all love, Eclectic, can look inviting and intriguing or cluttered and disconnected. Good design is most often the result of a great plan, amazing furniture and décor, and a lot of work. At The Lite Company we are passionate about transforming your home into a space you cherish.

We are honored to visit your home, gleaning a sense of your space and style, taking measurements, photos and notes galore. We will prepare design options complete with room drawings, furniture layout options with fabrics and treatments when applicable.  We also work with some highly talented Qualified Designers and would be happy to offer a referral.

Accessory Selection & Placement

Accessories make or break the entire look. Sure, you think it’s all done when the big pieces are put into place. So many home owners leave out the finishing details that make the entire place feel just right. The right rug in the living room, pots next to the fireplace, candles, trees, plants, table top pieces and stunning artwork infuse character and express your unique style; transforming rooms into treasured spaces.

A lot of people need help bringing it all together. Clients often share, “We know what we Don’t Like!” So, isn’t it great that we all have different gifts? Well, one of ours is accessorizing and we have had a blast bringing a truck full of accessories to a clients’ home and placing things where we think they look best. 

After living with the new look for a few days we will take back anything that you don’t love. 

This is our ONLY rule in this process. If you don’t love can’t keep it.

Lighting Design

When we are asked to provide the lighting package for a remodel or new home, we prefer to “walk” your home ourselves. We know electrical plans change and want to make sure that the lighting will fit the space in design, style and proportion, and fulfill the “living need” of your home. We have done this for years free of charge and believe it has alleviated un-necessary mistakes and delays. Let us help you light your home right the first time! For more information see Building or Remodeling.