Building a New Home or Major Remodel?

The Lite Company has been helping builders and home owners for over 34 years with every aspect of residential lighting. During that time we have developed an in-house process that helps you transform the lighting component of your home from an overwhelming and technically challenging task to a cohesively beautiful, complete, lighting plan for your home in a design that is truly your own.

Our job is to help you create the home of your dreams by providing expert lighting design, technical support, quality fixtures and outstanding service for years to come.

So if you are considering building a new home or looking at a major remodel and what to know exactly what advantages we offer, please take the time to travel through each of the informational links to the right. We hope this specific insight into our process will give you confidence in our ability to help you though the lighting component of your home in a professional, ethical and easy manner. Unlike the big box stores and internet companies, we are real people with a real lighting showroom and a real passion for helping people with their lighting. We are local US family owned, managed and operated for over 34 years.

Lighting Selection

It’s not too soon to start forming an opinion on the lighting “look” you gravitate towards even before construction begins. In the weeks or even months before serious construction starts we welcome you to stop by our showroom or visit our online store to view thousands of different fixtures in hundreds of design styles.

We offer a full on-line catalog that allows the home owner to create a Wish List of fixtures they like and become familiar with what’s currently available in the lighting industry. It is best to do this work long BEFORE you end up facing a deadline for lighting selection due to the electrical build process.

The on-line catalog/store is a fantastic tool yet we cannot show everything we offer on-line. So please feel free to start building your own Wish List. When you need help, ideas, or assistance please contact us. With one phone call or email our staff can access your Wish List from our showroom and serve as a resource. We will offer suggestions, answer technical questions and/or help you find other lighting pieces that coordinate with the designs and styles you are gravitating too.

Once the rough electrical is installed in your home, a Lite Company expert will “Walk Your Home” (free of charge). See Technical Needs for more information.

At least 30 days prior to lighting installation we schedule a one-on-one design meeting with you. A trained lighting professional will gladly assist you in the lighting selection process. At this meeting we encourage you to bring in samples of the floor, tile, countertops, painting schemes or any other design component of your home so that we can better coordinate your lighting to compliment other aspects of your home. We invite you to utilize our expertise to whatever extent you need. That’s what we are here for!

Technical Needs

The only way our trained staff can KNOW the technical needs of your home is if we put in the extra effort and work to discover what your lighting needs are. We accomplish this by making a visit to your home or construction site and reviewing electrical plans. This is a service we have provided, free-of-charge, for years to any new home or remodel project in our driving area.

We prefer to “Walk the Home” as soon as the rough electrical is installed. Here we will measure ceiling heights and determine roof pitch, (needed to properly hang ceiling fans) and measure for bathroom vanity lengths along with documenting each electrical box placement in every location, inside and outside the home. This process will reveal the total homes’ technical lighting needs. We have found that this service eliminates problems and helps the builder or home owner to get the right fixtures, in the right dimensions THE FIRST TIME, with all the correct components needed to complete your lighting package.

Why not just buy my lighting off the internet? We can’t tell you how many times we meet frustrated home owners who attempted to purchase all of their lighting over the internet, without any assistance from a qualified lighting expert. They come to us in desperation as the home is trying to close and they have a mix of inappropriate lighting components with the wrong finish, wrong numbers and in the wrong dimensions, without any of the bulbs. They spend far more in the long run on their lighting then had we been afforded the honor of helping them through this process the first time around. No one can be an expert on everything. If your expertise is not lighting, please let us lend our help free of charge.

A benefit to Home Builders: Many builders all across Arizona and surrounding states prefer to work with The Lite Company because we make their job easier by eliminating the hundreds of problems that can develop in planning and executing the complex lighting component of your home or project. If you are a builder we request only that you ask your home owner to contact us with a budget. Your next call to us will be for free delivery of the lighting package, bulbed, labeled and ready to install. For more information on services to contractors please see Contractor Support.

It is our job to solve and eliminate all lighting problems.

Purchase & Delivery

The Lite Company prefers to order your lighting package 30 to 60 days before your expected installation date. We have no problem paying for your lighting ahead of time so that it is here and available to you when you need it. This “advance ordering” allows us to work with vendor back orders and resolve problems on your behalf long before you need the lighting. For private home owners we will order all lighting with a 50% deposit. For Home Builders and Contractors (who hold an account with us), we will order your lighting well in advance with no money down. We will provide a Statement each month after a lighting package delivery with payment due the 10th of the following month.

As your lighting arrives in our warehouse we will label every box as to where it is to be installed in the home and we will put the correct light bulbs inside every box. This eliminates problems for the electrician. The home owner or builder does not have to be on-site for your qualified electrician to have the tools they need to do their job correctly.

When you are ready to receive your lighting package, just call us. If you are located within our driving range we deliver all lighting free of charge.

We do have customers that have purchased complete lighting packages from us from Colorado, Montana, California, Wyoming, Utah and of course from all over the state of Arizona. If we need to arrange shipping to your home, we can handle that as well, just contact our showroom.

Follow-up Support for Years to Come

We believe that one reason The Lite Company has survived for over 34 years is because of our excellent product and customer support. When you work with us on a lighting package or on beautiful furnishings for your home, we are there to provide support for years to come. One example of this happens when a glass shade on a lighting fixture is broken by a grandchild’s football in the living room. We also see many lamp causalities due a new puppy or kitty encounter, or freight issues with a new sofa.  When real life accidents occur you can rest assured that we will search for that piece of glass, fix that broken lamp, or have a new sofa delivered. If you have a problem with anything we are helping you with, we will work to solve it. We are a local, family-owned company with experts on staff that will continue to back your purchase for years and years to come.

We really care about our community and neighbors and therefore we are here to help you over the long haul.

Our Way of Saying Thank You...

Please know that when you work with The Lite Company on your lighting package you qualify for special customer rewards. Call us for details.