Our job is to take all the lighting “problems” off the plate of every Contractor and Home Builder we support. As we see it, you have enough decisions and problems to address pertaining to every possible component of a home before you ever begin to address lighting. Since we are lighting experts, we feel one benefit of working through The Lite Company is that you have our expertise supporting your project to the fullest extent possible from start to finish. We build and retain solid relationships with quality Home Builders, Electricians and Interior Designers; building trust through expert knowledge, reliable service and support.

What we ask of the Builder:

We ask the Builder to give us a call to notify us of your construction project. We will need; location, budget, individual to work with on lighting selection, and the estimated date you want the lighting. Your next call to The Lite Company can be to schedule free delivery to your site.

What Support You Get From The Lite Company:

  • We will “Walk the Home” free of charge to document every junction box, ceiling heights, vanity lengths and much more. You do not have to worry about informing us of changes to the electrical plan as we will discover these changes and document them accordingly to avoid problems at the time of installation.

  • Our expertise is available to you if you are facing an unusual lighting challenge where you need cutting edge technology to correctly address. With one call we will meet you at the site for consultation at no charge.

  • We will call the home owner (or appropriate party) and assist them with lighting design, style and selection. We are prepared to spend one meeting or many sessions helping to find exactly the right lighting that the home owner will cherish for years to come.

  • We will order your lighting package well in advance and work to avoid any delays or back-orders that could ultimately affect your project if not resolved early.

  • As your lighting arrives in our warehouse we will put the right light bulbs in every box.

  • We will label the outside of every fixture box with the correct location in the home so that your qualified electrician can put the lighting package up without assistance at the site and have everything installed exactly where it was intended.

  • We will store your lighting in a safe, secure manner and label it for your project until you need it.

  • We will deliver your lighting package free of charge to the home site when you let us know you are ready for installation.

  • If you have an account with us, payment is due the 10th of the month following delivery of your lighting package.

As an Added Perk for Your Home Owner:

We inform your home owner that they receive 20% off of all furniture and home decor for one full year from the date we delivered their lighting package. We let them know that this Gift is being afforded to them because their Builder chose to partner with The Lite Company on their behalf.  (Exception: If your home owner retains an Interior Designer this benefit is replaced with whatever agreement they enter into with their Designer).

Do We Discount Our Fixtures to Contractors?

Normally our light fixtures cost less then what can be found over the internet and less then other lighting stores across the state, including Phoenix. (Our showroom is actually larger than any showroom in Phoenix, at 10,000 square feet). We have builders who travel from Colorado, California, Wyoming and of course all over the state of Arizona to purchase their lighting from us due to our competitive prices and outstanding product support. Since we try to be as competitive as possible, our lighting is at “Contractor Pricing” all the time. This does not mean that we won’t work to meet your budgetary needs to the best of our ability. If you need us to negotiate our prices for unusual circumstances, for a whole home package or large project we will do all we can and still stay in business. This includes going back to our vendors for better prices on larger quantities. Bottom line, we will do all we can to get you the quality and prices you need for your construction or re-model project.

If you are a Home Builder or Contractor who has yet to work with The Lite Company, we ask you to give us a chance. We believe you will find the experience positive, professional and essentially problem free. We believe in honesty, accountability and integrity in our business relationships and we cherish partnerships that share these values.  We have an A+ rating with the Arizona Better Business Bureau.