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BYO Table with Urbandale Chairs

So what does it mean to have a BYO Table?  Build Your Own!  

That's right, here at The Lite Company we love working with talented high-quality American craftspeople who can built whatever you need or whatever you can dream up.  This beautiful two-tone square table allows everyone to participate in the conversation and laugh the night away while enjoying great food, but it is a unique shape!  How often do you really see a square table that can seat six or eight?  This square could have been built even larger, seating ten or twelve (which requires a big dining space). Just as easily, this table (and other styles) could have been built at the higher "gathering or counter" height.  

If you have a unique space or want something specific please don't hesitate to let us know.  We enjoy helping families with the special spaces in their homes; and we enjoy the friendships we build along the way.