We repair damaged or defective lamps or lighting fixtures and have done so for years. We have an extensive workshop stocked to the brim with old and new lamp parts and take pride in being able to rejuvenate lamps and fixtures that you value.

Please bring non-working or frayed lamps or light fixtures to our showroom in Flagstaff for an assessment.

Most repairs come to $25 or less and are accomplished in 2 weeks or less. If more extensive work or special order parts are needed, we will gladly give you an estimate before any work is begun.

We stock thousands of light bulbs and work very hard to stay up on the newest, greenest technology when it comes to lighting your home. We are beginning to put a lot of LED in homes which is certainly the most exciting thing to happen to light bulbs in generations!  The light bulb brands we carry last longer then most bulbs provided through Home Improvement Centers or grocery stores. It is just nice to know that in most cases you can find a better quality bulb at a competitive price from The Lite Company.

We also help people find those rare and unusual bulbs. With the hundreds of thousands of electrical components built over the years, from motorcycle headlights to RV lighting, underwater bulbs, dark sky, European manufactured pieces and so much more, please know that if it is available in the US, we will work to get it for you. Just remember that if we don’t stock the bulb you need, it might take a few weeks for us to get it in.

If you do need an unusual light bulb please know that we will be able to assist you faster and with greater certainty if you are able to bring the old bulb into the store.

See you soon!